If you are a woman experiencing domestic violence

Immediate information and support for women experiencing domestic violence

If lines are busy on the Helpline, keep trying. Quieter periods are after 4pm, evenings, nights and weekends. In an emergency, always call the police by dialling 999.

In addition to the Helpline, the Women’s Aid and Refuge website links can provide immediate online support and information for women experiencing domestic violence:

Recognising domestic violence

You can learn more about domestic violence, and find out whether you are experiencing abuse. Learn more about how to recognise abuse.

Frequently asked questions

A series of frequently asked questions about domestic violence.

The Survivor’s Handbook

The Survivor’s Handbook is a comprehensive resource for women experiencing domestic violence. Read short sections covering every aspect of seeking help and support.

What about my children?

Learn how domestic abuse can affect children and what you can do to help.

A-Z of local domestic violence services

You can access public phone numbers of your local refuge or outreach service if you’d like to contact them directly, or encourage someone you know to self-refer.

Useful statistics

Some useful statistics on domestic violence.

True stories

Hearing from women who have survived violence and abuse is an inspiration. Read their stories to find out more.

The Hideout

The Hideout supports children and young people living with domestic violence, or to those who may want to help a friend. The site gives information on domestic violence and helps children identify whether it is happening in their home.

Further information, including links to more domestic violence organisations, can be accessed via the Women’s Aid and Refuge websites – www.womensaid.org.uk and www.refuge.org.uk.

Child Maintenance Options

Child Maintenance Options is a confidential, free and impartial service. It gives parents access to specialist support and information about child maintenance, through a helpline, a website and a face to face service. Child Maintenance Options specialists deal with all kinds of situations. They understand that it’s natural to worry about contact or confidentiality, especially if violence or abuse is involved.

Child Maintenance Options will never force people into setting up a child maintenance arrangement or contacting a violent partner. Parents get as much support and information as they need to make an informed decision about what’s best for themselves and their children.

Child Maintenance Options is a completely confidential service. No information given, either on the phone or online, will be passed on to any other person or organisation (unless specifically requested). This includes the other parent and any other family members.

Having an effective child maintenance arrangement in place can make a real difference to a child’s life. Even small contributions can make a big difference. Child Maintenance Options can be contacted on 0800 988 0988 or information can be found at www.cmoptions.org. The phone line is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 4pm on Saturday. 

  • If you are a woman in immediate danger please call 999

  • Everyone has a right to live a life free from violence